Green Coffee Beans

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Green coffee beans

  • refresh your stamina and mind
  • helpful for weight loss
  • This is not crashed but it is whole bean, so it is original and natural.

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Heart disease and green coffee beans

Heart as we know an internal part of our body, a muscular pump which has to beat some fort million times per year in order to sustain our life. The heart which works non-stop, day and night, from birth to death supplies blood containing oxygen and nutrients to every organ of our body. The heart itself receive blood and nourishment through two small arteries (coronary arteries) branching from the arteries) branching from the aorta (main exit channel of the heart). The common heart disease is coronary artery disease.

In a healthy heart the inner lining of the coronary arteries is smooth, glistering pearly white and have elasticizes. In case an individual being attacked by coronary heart disease, his artery lining becomes rough, thick, discolored and loses its elasticity. This happens because of an increase of the cells in the wall, by deposition of fatty material or various component of the blood in and on the artery. The narrowing of arteries creates obstruction to the normal blood and nutrient flow to heart muscles and tissues thus causes heart diseases.

Green coffee beanshave been found to be effective against heart disease. This finding was presented at the American chemical Society Conference held in San Francisco on April 14, 2018 by Mr. Takayuki Shimbamoto. Professor of Environmental Toxicology, University of California. According to Prof. Shimbamoto, high temperature coffee brewing produces protective chemicals called antioxidant can reduce free – radicals (oxygen – containing molecules) level Many scientists believe that these free radicals can damage the membrane of cells. Shimbamoto said – “It’s comparable to a potent antioxidant like. Vitamin – E or Vitamin – C and down the line, we may find that the flavor or aroma of coffee may have some beneficial health effects” He further said – “These helpful antioxidants can be found in both regular and decaffeinated green coffee beans.”

The antioxidant level in the aroma of one cup of coffee of green coffee beanswould be equivalent to three organges.” Prof. Shimbamoto advised to take the coffee of green coffee beansduring the first 10 minutes after brewing and pouring to benefit from the antioxidant. He has however, cautioned coffee drinkers against increasing their consumption because further research is needed on the matter.

In order to get some point in favor of Prof, Shimbamoto’s research finding, let us briefly study the chemistry of coffee, particularly it’s aroma. Coffee aroma contains a number of volatile components, e. g. Formic acid, Ascorbic acid, Acetic acid, Phenol, Tocopherol, Eugenol etc. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) and Vitamin E (numerous compounds including alpha – tocopherol) which are respectively water and fat soluble can reduce fat and the level of free radicals. Hence it may be inferred that green coffee beansaroma contains certain ‘healthful’ chemicals as detected by prof. Shimbamoto which can fight against heart disease and cancer. Since the healthful chemicals found in coffee are volatile (quickly, evaporates) in nature, the brewed coffee should therefore be consumed soon after brewing.

Green coffee beans contain 1 to 1.5 percent caffeine which is a stimulant to the heart and central nervous system. The aroma of coffee is due to an oil called caffeine.

A recent Dutch research study report published in the British Medical Journal cautioned the coffee drinkers not to drink unfiltered green coffee beanscontains ‘cafestol’ which can significantly raise bloodstream cholesterol level. It has been that people who drank unfiltered coffee of green coffee beansregularly over a period of six months have 5 per cent higher LDL (Low – density –lipoprotein), also known as bad cholesterol than those in a controlled group who drank filtered coffee. The rise of LDL in bloodstream increase risk of heart – disease. Hence it is advisable that brewed coffee should be filtered by paper filter before consumption and one should not take so many cups of coffee of green coffee beansin a day.

The issue pertaining to the beneficial effects of coffee against heart- disease has yet to go through more scientific research and observation before we can safely recommend coffee as a hot or cold drink capable of resisting coronary heart disease.

Written by – Zahidul Haque

Bangladesh Agricultural Institute

Sher – e – Bangla Nagar Dhaka.


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