Wireless Headphones

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* Wireless Headphones
* Creative, Microlab noise free Wireless Headphones
* Low price, Greater valu
* cancel out external noise
* fit snugly in the ear canal

৳ 500 ৳ 450



Looking for small wireless headphones that are easy to carry around? Then you have the option of two basic designs, the regular headphones or earphones that over the ears, or there are smaller n-ear designs that fit snugly in the ear canal, and therefore cancel out external noise to give you the best sound quality. You can also find a third alternative for the in-ear designs that come with a behind the ear hook, in case you really need to keep them from falling off.
Most mid-range earphones from Wallytech, Creative and Microlab have decent sound quality, but they do lack bass SO if you are looking for the thump of the bass line then check out last week’s piece on headphones for ideas. These regular earphones are not very durable, though some of the high-end
brands do give you quality sound long enough for you to upgrade and pick the next accessory for your listening pleasure.
You can buy the Wallytechs for Tk 600, Creative’s EP-50 and ear- hook headphones are both Tk 500 and Microlab has some for just TK 300.


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